Encouraging toddlers to speak more clearly

2 December 2015
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Anyone who regularly cares for children knows how frustrated kids can become if their carers cannot easily understand their requests. Here are some tips to help your toddlers to speak more clearly. Calm down It can be easy to get worked up yourself, especially if your toddler is in full meltdown tantrum mode. It's important to keep in mind that it is not developmentally normal for toddlers to make all sounds clearly yet. Read More 

3 Tips to Take the Stress out of Your Child’s First Day of Preschool

17 September 2015
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The first day of preschool is often a traumatic event, but usually not for the child. Sure, they might scream and cry when you say goodbye, but ask any preschool teacher and you'll know that your child will often almost completely forget you exist five minutes after their tears have dried. They're having too much fun making new friends, learning to share, and discovering, "Wow, mummy! Did you know that preschool has a slide? Read More 

Large Families With Multiple Children: Five Essential Tips to Help You Save Money on Child Care Costs

21 August 2015
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If you have more than one child who needs child care, the expense can get overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to save. If you are a parent of multiple children, take a look at these ideas: 1. Find one multiple-age child care centre When trying to pick a child care centre for your children, you will find a range of options. While some focus exclusively on preschool kids or infants, others takes kids of all ages. Read More 

4 Ways to Introduce Farmer Themes in Inner City Childcare

28 July 2015
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Young children often like the idea of learning about the farm, but many inner city children do not get the chance to experience farming life. Why not take their natural enthusiasm for the topic by embracing it as a learning theme? Here are a few ideas that are cute and educational. Story time is full of animals Children of all ages enjoy storybooks and songs with a farmyard theme. Even babies enjoy books where you stop and all have a turn at making animals sounds like " Read More 

How Child Care Centre Gardens Can Help Kids Grow

24 July 2015
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Daycares offering gardening opportunities for kids are becoming more popular. If you have seen child care centres with gardens, you may be wondering what the advantages are. Here's how kids can 'grow' from planting seeds: 1. Gardening is great exercise When a child care centre encourages its charges to garden, it gets kids moving. In order to plant seeds and pull weeds, they have to bend, crawl, squat and move. That activity can be essential, especially in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic. Read More