Two factors to consider when choosing a child day care centre

26 June 2017
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Finding the best day care centre for your child can be extremely difficult. Here are two factors you should take into consideration when making this important decision. Your finances Unless you are in a very comfortable financial position, you will almost certainly need to factor in the fees charged by day care centres when deciding which one to choose. There is no point in selecting an expensive day care centre (even if it seems to be a perfect fit for your child) if the fees are going to put a huge strain on your finances. Read More 

Teach Your Child Numeracy Skills With These Simple Activities

30 May 2017
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Many parents take the time to help their children learn to read and improve their literacy skills. It's an enjoyable activity and one that adults are generally confident about. Reading is something that most people are able to do with reasonable competence, so it's easy to pass that onto kids.  When it comes to maths, however, it's often a different story. A lot of people have more of an aversion to numbers, doubting their ability and fearing teaching their children bad habits. Read More