Top 3 Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Child Care Centre

13 December 2021
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The decision to send your child to a child care centre is one that many parents face with enthusiasm and anxiety. On one hand, you may be thrilled that your child is all grown up and ready to meet new people. But on the other hand, you may be anxious about how they will adjust to the new environment. 

These feelings are normal and expected. However, you can relax because child care centres can offer long-lasting social, cognitive and academic benefits to children. Here are the top three benefits of sending your kid to a child care centre. 

Fostering Independent Child

Attending a quality child care centre helps your kid become independent at a young age. First, they get used to spending time away from their parents or older family members. This gives them the freedom to develop new likes and dislikes, direct their own activities and enjoy new experiences they might not have had at home. 

On top of that, the instructors will give them simple tasks and activities to encourage their independence. These may include putting on their socks, organising their toys and packing their bags. Through these efforts, your child starts to trust themselves more and gain the confidence to take on bigger challenges.

Develop Social Skills

A child care centre allows your kid to interact with peers, which is essential for their social development. As they make new friends, they learn to express their ideas and opinions, resolve arguments and respect other people's boundaries.

Additionally, your child learns to interact with adults and recognise role models. As they receive training and support from teachers and other caregivers, they start to see these people as role models who can help them accomplish their goals. They also observe and adopt traits like politeness, perseverance, respect for others and humility, helping them to grow. 

Smoother Transition to Kindergarten

While a child care centre is a bit laid back compared to traditional schooling, it offers a school-like structured environment, which can be essential for preschoolers looking to join kindergarten. Your child learns to follow a schedule, including playtimes, learning activities and snack times. 

The education offered in child care centres also prepares your kid for academic excellence in elementary school. They get to sharpen their literacy, communication and numeracy skills. They also learn fine motor skills like using crayons, pencils and scissors, as well as self-care routines like washing hands and dressing. These are essential skills to have when they begin formal schooling.